Value for money

Break the mold without breaking the bank. 

Fresh flower bouquets can end up costing an arm and a leg.

By using Art of Floral your business will save $1,000’s every year. 

Our arrangements look just as real as the flowers you buy from the florist but are about 70-80% cheaper than fresh flowers, depending on the size you choose.

Supporting the Environment

By choosing Art of Floral over fresh flowers you will vastly reduce your carbon footprint and you will support our efforts to manufacture beautiful flowers from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics.

That’s a huge step in reaching many goals in climate change. 

Well done you!

Premium Styling

Anyone can buy flowers, but it takes an artist to create something incredible.

We pride ourselves on our design ability and it will be the look, just as much as the flower quality that will blow your customers away.

Our team of florists work in ensuring every bouquet is ‘out of this world’ gorgeous, and we think you’ll feel the same way too.

Open-term Contracts

We understand that situations change and commitment can often be hard.

All of our monthly plans are open-term and you cancel at any time.

Although it is easy to leave, we will work tirelssley to ensure you never do!

Lifelike Realism

Gone are the days of manky silk flowers intoxicating grandmas lounge. 

Various technological advancements such as 3D printing, photo translation and alternative materials have heralded a new era of artificial flower quality. 

We use the highest quality artificial flowers available globally and you will be blown away by not just the look, but the feel as well.

Allergy Free

We probably don’t have to state the obvious when we say that artificial flowers don’t have pollen. But, artificial flowers don’t have pollen, so get ready to….

Sneeze NO more!

That pretty much sums it up for those allergy-prone flower lovers out there.

Mess and Maintenance Free

No longer will you have to clean up dead and droopy petals, top-up water levels or shoo away unwanted bugs. 

You can enjoy our bouquets without having to worry about cleaning up mess and will no longer have to thinking “how long are they going to last.”