When we first started out we had our delivery schedules set to monthly to make it easier on ourselves.

We will be adding additional delivery frequencies in the coming months.

Unfortunately we do not at this stage. Mid 2019 we plan to expand across the country.

Please contact us however as we may be able to find a solution for you.

We will attempt to redeliver at a later date


Great news – you will be able to soon.
We were going to wait until all of our products were verified 100% recycled until we launched our retail store. However we have decided to launch early. Will be ready in early 2019


On your scheduled refresh day, our florist will swap out your arrangement with a different look. If for some reason you do not want that arrangement, or even if you want to keep the original one, that is fine.

We have a well stocked van full of fantastic products and we encourage you to come and choose.

Our preferred payment method is Credit Card and we also accept Automatic Payment

Anywhere up to 28 days. We waive payment on the first 7 days for all customers on a risk-free trial after they sign up.

Yes you can – If you join a monthly plan you will only be charged up until the day you cancelled


We are currently in discussions with various manufacturers and expect to launch these products in late 2019.


Not yet – We have a lot on our plate already and our warehouse is not suitable to manage short term rentals.
Please do contact us however if you are searching for something specific and we will see if we can help you out